Sunday, March 12, 2006

Consider the Birds of the Air

I would like to give you a little background to my life. When I got out of school I moved to New York to make my mark like we are raised to do and landed a high power job in Wall Street as a trader. I used to know Michael Bloomberg back in those days he was a trader on the desk at Solomon Brothers now he is the mayor of New York City. I was hanging out with many of the very rich and famous and was doing very well with my career. The love of money was our common God. My friends were very rich but very selfish, self indulgent and not very happy. It was the beginnings of our “Me first generation” 2Tm:3: 1: This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come. 2: For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy, 3: Without natural affection, trucebreakers, false accusers, incontinent, fierce, despisers of those that are good, 4: Traitors, heady, high-minded, lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God; This was the real reason God judged Sodom and Gomorra. Ezek:16:49: Behold, this was the iniquity of thy sister Sodom, pride, fullness of bread, and abundance of idleness was in her and in her daughters, neither did she strengthen the hand of the poor and needy.
I began to realize the emptiness of their money. In the midst of this I found a rare Christian friend, Don. We became close and we had planed to share a large apartment together off of 5th av. A few days before we were going to move in he had gone over to the Apt to do some cleaning. He was trying to clean behind the refrigerator, and by a freak accident, he was electrocuted. I found him there cold and dead. I was devastated.
I had considered myself to have been on a spiritual quest, learning about eastern religions and other philosophies; and I kinda thought I had my act together, but when I found him my world came crashing down. At Dons funeral I met a man of God that I would consider to have been a prophet. He was the first man I had met that I thought really had some answers to the truth of Christianity. Some of what you see coming from my ministry has been a result of his influence. He had given me much to think about before I finally gave my life to the Lord. About a month after Don's death I was still very torn up. One night I was laying in my bed saying to myself "Why? Why? Why? What difference would it have made if he had never lived." and I heard a voice. At the time I heard it I thought I heard it audibly, though because of my state of mind I wouldn't swear to it. I looked around my apartment and under my bed to see where the voice came from and there was no one there. So I sat back down on my bed and thought about what the voice had said “Profit by it". I said to myself "WOW wouldn't it be incredibly selfish of me to profit by such a loss". Then the voice was clearly inside of me and said " if you don't profit by it then it really is a loss" and at that moment as in a vision I saw like a pebble drop into a pond and the ripples went on out into infinity. I realized that in taking Don God reached me and I would reach others and on and on. Everything that happens is an opportunity to grow. I could have hardened my heart, or let even more love flow through me. By the grace of God I believe I made the right choice. I could now see that Jesus was the whole purpose of life. My Wall Street friends thought I was nuts. I then resigned my job and moved to Virginia to a Bible training center to study under this man I had mentioned before. God did many mighty things through him.
I got married and we had three children. I was ordained by this ministry and had hands laid on me and was sent out and moved to Danville Va. It was there that Sonshine Farm was born.
As we grew in size and recognition in the community around us, more and more of the people that came were professionals and a wealthier class began to come to the meetings and services as well. I allowed myself to name some as "Elders" solely because of their money and position in the community. In the back of my mind I knew this was wrong, but I rationalized it. I wrongly thought that we needed what they could put in the collection plate. They were not Elders spiritually. They wanted to take the church in a different direction and I was against it. After all the miracles that God had shown me in His ability to provide for His will, I had apparently still doubted Him. I then realized that if I ever gave them the opportunity to stab me in the back, they would. Well I gave them that opportunity. I fell into a sexual sin. It came to the surface, and they along with some pastors from other communities where I had traveled to teach came together and were incredibly hateful to me. I am sure that if it had been legal to put me to death they would have. They told me I had never met the Lord or I could never have done such a thing. I was devastated and disgraced. I left and moved to Durham to be under a ministry that I thought was trying to be of help. Well he also kept crushing me. I finally just said Lord I have got to just think about taking care of my family. I went back to work as a Stock Broker, because I knew that field.
God then seemed to remove his anointing from Sonshine Farm and many in the fellowship moved away and fell away, and the church is now kind of like a denominational church being pastured by a former Baptist minister. As a community we had been networked with several other similar Christian communities in and around cities across the country. Several had been patterning themselves after what we were doing, and I had taught at most of them. Even the “Heritage USA” (founded by Jim Baker from PTL Club fame), disaster originally got its twisted vision from what they saw and heard about at Sonshine Farm. Strangely at about the same time they all seemed to collapse for one reason or another. It was as though God had given us a glimpse of what was to come, a taste of how “Good and pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity”; and then blew upon it and said this is yet for another day.
I believe that perhaps I needed to be put on the shelf for a season. We see this in scripture in several cases. Paul had a vision from God and immediately had to run out and be the manager of the Universe telling all the other elders in Jerusalem how things should be done. God had to put him on the back side of the mountain for a while maturing him and refining him as an instrument in Gods Hand. Moses was raised in Pharaohs house; surely he was qualified to lead Gods people. Well not exactly. He was smart in a worldly way, but He had to be taught that God’s ways are not our ways. God put him on the back side of a mountain for 40 years. God had to break him of any desire to be great among the people. He had to be taught what a Shepherd was. As long as we have a desire to lead, we are not able to. The way up is the way down. Mt:23:11: But he that is greatest among you shall be your servant.
Well after leaving this ministry I just wanted to take care of my family and pursue my own financial success; the same struggle that all mankind is caught up in. One day after having started my new job I was walking down the street reflecting on all that had happened, and asked God “Why” again. Why was it that the principals of capitalism seem to work so well and the ways of your kingdom seemed to have fallen apart? God answered me and said “because capitalism is based on mans primary sin, SELFISHNESS and GREED. The Kingdom works on the opposite, SELFLESSNESS and GIVING. In this fallen creation, man lives according to his bassist desires and needs. He lives for self. In the Kingdom, we must die to self and live for others. This is completely contrary to the ways of this world. In order to walk this walk we must have trust and faith in our heavenly Father. The more you trust in your own abilities the more insecure you become and the farther you are from God. We are all wondering where is the power of God in the Church? Why are we in this mess in the world? I will quote again the verse that God gave us when Sonshine was born. Hag:1:9: Ye looked for much, and, lo, it came to little; and when ye brought it home, I did blow upon it. Why? saith the LORD of hosts. Because of mine house that is waste, and ye run every man unto his own house.
I had struggled for years with guilt over my sins, and my marriage failing. I did believe that regardless of what happened to the relationship between me and my wife, I was still responsible for taking care of them. I felt that if I had to sleep in the street I would, but I wanted to make sure that my children were taken care of and had the opportunity to go to college. Hopefully I didn’t train them to well in the way of this present world. I now try to show them there is another Kingdom that is coming.
I never turned my back on the Lord but was living for my self. I suffered through many hardships, but God was faithful through it all. I had to see that God meant business when he said He would take care of us. He proved it to me over and over through the years. Sometimes I felt I was about a quarter of an inch before hitting the concrete, but He always caught me. Then I saw the Truth of what had happened at Sonshine Farm. My real sin was not my sex failure, but that I had seen God provide and I still did not trust Him. I put people in leadership that the Lord did not, so I didn’t need to quite live by faith; I new that these wealthy people would put money in the church. Heb:10:38: Now the just shall live by faith: but if any man draw back, my soul shall have no pleasure in him. My failure came as a result of my pulling back from trusting in God.
Mt:6:26: Behold the fowls of the air: for they sow not, neither do they reap, nor gather into barns; yet your heavenly Father feedeth them. Are ye not much better than they? 27: Which of you by taking thought can add one cubit unto his stature?
28: And why take ye thought for raiment? Consider the lilies of the field, how they grow; they toil not, neither do they spin:
29: And yet I say unto you, That even Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these.
30: Wherefore, if God so clothe the grass of the field, which to day is, and to morrow is cast into the oven, shall he not much more clothe you, O ye of little faith?
31: Therefore take no thought, saying, What shall we eat? or, What shall we drink? or, Wherewithal shall we be clothed?
32: (For after all these things do the Gentiles seek:) for your heavenly Father knoweth that ye have need of all these things.
33: But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.
I must say that my life has been rerevolutionized since the events of 9/11. The Lord has also used the insight that has been shown in what Stephen Hanchett has written in his book. I had a new fire lit under me as a result of seeing the deceptiveness of evil. The devil knows his days are numbered. As the darkness gets darker the Light of God will get brighter. I do believe that Jesus is building His Church which is the Temple. (not the one in Jerusalem) The Body of Christ will come together. We will not be running to accomplish our own plan for our life. Most that come to Jesus just add Him to their plans but God wants us to drop our plans and seek His plan. I do believe that a form of what you read about in Sonshine Farm is already beginning again. I see the pieces starting to fall into place; and I am quite certain that this vision is being given to many again in this day. I can not make anything happen, I have no ambition to make it happen, But the Lord knows I am available. It is His Church, and His body and He will build it. Mt:6:10: Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven.


Anonymous said...

An excellent post Peter. Hope your doing well & get better soon.


1godsgirl said...

PeterZ-thanks for the post and explanation. It isn't easy to condense complicated stories. Overall, it sounds like the farm fell apart because the will of man got in the way.

Were your sexual downfalls homosexual in nature? I am guessing so since Don's death had such impact on your life. The reason I ask, is that I am a lesbian and have strugled with acceptance throughout my Christian walk. Most of the problems I have come up against in the church have been related to my sexual orientation. I found that hiding it, or ignoring it (at least trying to) was the only way to survive. I always have believed that God loved me just as I am- why don't his people???

If I am wrong- forgive me. I am just tired of hiding it all of the time. That is why the thought of REAL community speaks to me.

Thanks for sharing.

1godsgirl said...

PS- now that I have "outed" myself, please tell me that I have come to a place that is safe.....

Shauna said...

Peter Z had no problem with the fact that I am transsexual. So I would think you are in fairly good hands here. Everyone here seems super nice. I don't follow the bible myself, I am more aligned with eastern religons, but I do have great respect for the bible and endtime prohecy. I have always wanted to believe in the bible fully, but everytime I pray for a sign to show me of gods existance I never get one. So for now I just try to be the best person I can be. Its the best I can do. Cheers

Peter Zarcone said...

GodsGirl... You asked if you have come to a safe place. I can only point out what the scripture says.
Mt:11:28: Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.(notice it says come ALL not come unto me ye heterosexuals) 29: Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls.30: For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.
You may want to read my post on "Love & Choice" (you can find it by clicking on May 2005 in the side bar or Love & Choice ) It is not being gay that is a problem, but what being gay may do to you. You may also want to read the post right below that one titled "Why God Hates Sin".
You are what you are by the grace of God. I don't think you would find yourself welcome at "River of Life Church"
Shauna... You are not unlike many others that have turned to other religious philosophies because you have felt rejected by Christianity. The false prophets of our day, like Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson will be held accountable for the millions upon millions whom they have "Shut up the Kingdom of God against" Mt:23:13. Draw near to God and He will draw near to you. Do not seek for a sign, pray rather that God reveal himself to you. Seek and Ye shall find.

R. Stephen Hanchett said...

Peter, This is a wonderful testimony and I know that it took a lot of courage to share so much about your life. But as much as you were so honest about what you consider to be your mistakes or sins, I'm sure that God sees your life as a victory and that He has more for you to do.
It's so difficult to trust in God rather than in money. Everything about our culture pushes people in the opposite direction. Sometimes I think that what scares us the most is the prospect of having to rely completely upon God all the time and for everything just like the birds of the air do without even thinking about it.
I was reading some of the writings of a woman called "Peace Pilgrim"
For twenty eight years she did nothing but cross back and forth across the country talking about peace and disarmament. She had no money and made no plans - she was just "walking until given shelter and fasting until given food." She is sorely missed, but she left a lot of good advice for people who want to 'follow in her footsteps' so to speak.

Anonymous said...

I commend you for your honesty and bravery. It was well written, well thought out and came right from your heart. You know what the most important thing is, don't you? You have learned from your mistakes. I don't think he asks any more than that from us. He knows what we are going to do even before we do it, but I can assure you it's what you do afterward that really counts. Congratulations. Be proud (in a meek sort of way).

Mind another personal question - other than how are you feeling today? Well, i hope. If you could choose when Jesus' returns, would it be soon (today, even) or 1000 years from now? Just taking an unofficial poll. So far, the latter is winning right now.

Please take care of yourself. And to everyone here may God continue to strengthen us.


Peter Zarcone said...

Why would anyone want to wait another 1000 years for our Lord to come back. I believe He is coming soon. not next week or even next year, but we are seeing His prophecy fulfilled before our eyes. People that want it to be a 1000 years from now show their spiritual condition and don't really know Him, because to know Him is to Love Him and want to be with Him.
As far as my health I am doing better, I will start treatments tomorrow.

Young Brother said...

Excellent post PeterZ. Learning reliance on the provision, on the power on the reality of the Kingdom of God is a great test for me right now. Where I thought I had faith, but a few months ago, I now find doubt. Where I thought I had strengths, there I find weakness. We are so far removed from the birds of the air... sucked into the comfort, self absorbtion, and false-assurance-in-what-we-know-and our-own-sense-of-independence here in America.

It is a blessing for us to have someone like you with us in these veery stressful, very trying times. The Lord knew exactly what he was doing 30 years ago, and he knows exactly what he's doing with all of us now.

Proverbs 3:5-6

"Trust in the LORD with all your heart, And lean not on your own understanding; In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your path."

reminds me of an old church song I used to sing:

O soul, are you weary and troubled?
No light in the darkness you see?
There’s a light for a look at the Savior,
And life more abundant and free!

Turn your eyes upon Jesus,
Look full in His wonderful face,
And the things of earth will grow strangely dim,

In the light of His glory and grace.

Through death into life everlasting
He passed, and we follow Him there;
Over us sin no more hath dominion—
For more than conquerors we are!

His Word shall not fail you—He promised;
Believe Him, and all will be well:
Then go to a world that is dying,
His perfect salvation to tell!

Anonymous said...

From your writing style I suspect that you and I have crossed paths. I visited Sonshine Farm back in the mid seventies. I came there to visit a friend of mine who was interested in showing me the "work of the Lord". I was and am still not a religious man, however my friend was so sincere in his belief that even I, a real skeptic, stood up and took notice. On the second day of my visit you, the "minister", walked up to my friend and I. We were involved in a conversation about spiritual things, something I usually avoided. You introduced yourself to me and proceeded to tell me something for which I will always be grateful. Your intervention in the conversation is something that changed my life forever. You must understand that I was on the brink of throwing my life away and your wise words truly helped me escape a horrible fate. My brother visited the community a year later when my friend was getting married. He remembered you from conversations with me. When he expressed his feelings you said something that caused him to depart sooner than he had hoped to. I suppose that he had a strong desire to come home and talk to me about his meeting with you. He, like I, was at a crossroads. Mine was resolved by your discernment that I had a "foul spirit". My dear brother was not as fortunate as I. On his way home he and his fiance who was pregnant with his child flagged a ride. The vehicle in which they rode ran out of gas and he and the driver got out to push the car off the road. A large truck veered to the right and wedged my brother between the truck and car. My brother was in a coma for two months then miraculously recoverd. All but his mind. This sharp minded man was changed into what he later described as a "mental midget". I've never before given an account of this tragedy. While you saved me from ever falling into the deception of modern Christian hypocricy, my brother paid for with a large part of his being. To this day I never know just where my brother's mind has gone or if it will ever return. Maybe from this you will learn that a hasty word given with pride can change the course of history. Congratulations Peter, how many other lives have you affected from your lofty domain??

Anonymous said...

Are you blaming Peter? Not that any of us are perfect in any way, but that is an unfair grudge that you should let go of for your own sake. Peter is not responsible for what happened to your brother. What if your brother had stayed the whole time he planned to and got hit and killed while walking across the street to get in his car. Would that have been his fault also? Get real. Susanne

Young Brother said...

Tragic loss. for you, your family, and his own wife and child. however I pray that he left that fateful meeting with a changed heart, with the understanding of who our creator is, how loving, how magnificent. I pray his soul was saved before his mind was lost. Remember, this life in all of it's glory is but a whisp of morning mist compared to eternity.

"What good is it for a man to gain the whole world, yet lose his soul?"

Your brother loss is great, there is great hope in the possibility that his soul had been saved before that tragedy took place.

Susanne is right, holding on to that grudge will only eat away at your own self. You say that you are "not a religious man", is that because of what happened to your brother? I don't mean to be making light of your loss, but to carry that burden of hate and contempt all the way through is, I'm sure, not what he would want.

Anonymous said...

I’m just another 'anonymous' poster pointing the logical inconstancies in the slanderous post from 'anonymous' above:

#1 “From your writing style I suspect that you and I have crossed paths.” On the Internet, either you know someone by their name or you don’t know them. You can’t tell if you once met someone in person by their writing style – that’s absurd.

#2 “your discernment that I had a "foul spirit" You said you have never been religious, and yet ‘discernment’ is a term used by religious people.

#3 “He remembered you from conversations with me.” vs “you said something that caused him to depart sooner than he had hoped to.” If your brother already knew what to expect from his conversations with you, then why would he have been shocked or surprised by anything that the minister said?

#4 “On his way home he and his fiance who was pregnant with his child flagged a ride.” Why in the world would your brother be hitchhiking to Sonshine Farm with his pregnant fiancé in tow in the first place? And why would they be hitchhiking to see your friend get married? Were they representing you at the wedding? In that case, wouldn’t the accident have been your fault, especially since you were too cheap to spring for a bus ticket?

#5 “When he expressed his feelings you said something that caused him to depart sooner than he had hoped to.” Said what? How can you presume this minister said something that caused him to depart and yet not know what it was that was said? Even if your bother doesn’t remember wouldn’t his fiance’ know what it was?

#5 “I suppose that he had a strong desire to come home and talk to me about his meeting with you.” What do you mean “I suppose” - don’t you know why he left? Even if your brother doesn’t remember why he left Sonshine Farm, doesn’t his fiancé know why they left? Your story doesn’t add up. BTW: Didn’t they have telephones 30 years ago? Usually when a person wants to talk to someone more than a couple miles away, they use a phone. They don’t go into the street to see if they can hitch a ride out of town.

#6 “This sharp minded man was changed into what he later described as a "mental midget” Mental midgets don’t call themselves mental midgets – they’re not smart enough to know how dumb they are.

#7 “a hasty word given with pride can change the course of history” So can hitchhiking with your pregnant fiancé’ change the course of history. So can running out of gas on the freeway. But anonymous trolls with tall tales very seldom change the course of history.

Anonymous said...

Has everyone heard about Senator Feingold from Wisconsin trying to get Bush censured for breaking the law by warrantles wiretapping? Nobody supports him, not even the dems. Everyone is so scared of this tyrant in the white house they can't even speak their minds or stand up for the people like they are supposed to. Feingold could be viewed as an enemy combatant now and locked up forever. I would rather be locked up and keep company with people like him than out in the world with the other kind. And the other kind are everywhere, or else the others are afraid to speak up. Come, our Lord Jesus, come.

I hope your first treatment has gone well. I guess now is the time to remember suffering is a good thing to bring us closer to the Lord. Hang in there. Please know that you are cared for and I hope I didn't offend you by defending you, but right is right and that person had it ALL wrong... Thanks for answering about Jesus' return. The 1000 years is still winning. Not too surprised though, but a little. That's the first time I ever heard you say you think it is soon for Jesus' return. I don't know, of course, exactly when 'soon' is, but it is soon. We will live to see it and I can't wait. I'm ready. I don't know why people would like to wait for another 1000 years of agony unless that is just what they are used to. One of them was my husband(?!) and his reason was so that our kids could grow up and have a normal life. I reminded him of the promise of much better things from our Lord and then he kinda changed his mind, but his first initial immediate response was to wait 1000 years. We are such a stubborn people; but maybe some of us bring Him honor that He deserves.


Peter Zarcone said...

To the Anonymous that had been to Sonhine Farm.
First let me express my deepest sorrow for your brothers tragedy. You must be suffering a great deal of guilt from this yourself, that is why you feel the need to blame others. I understand this self blame, in that I had to deal with the same thing when Don died. I felt why him and not me? It could have been me cleaning behind that refrigerator.
You must have missed the whole point of my tragedy. Let me repeat the point. We may not always understand why something happens, but we are responsible for how we react to it. Everything that happens in life is an opportunity to grow, and be a blessing to others. "Profit by it" This whole life is only temporary; both you and your brother are in Gods hands. I neither take any credit for any blessing that may have come through me to you; nor am I responsible for the course of history. You have accused me of being high and "lofty" when in fact it is you that has sat in the mighty seat of judgment. I don't claim to be anything special, but I do know Whom I have believed. The Lord knows my heart.
Do you not find it strange that after all these years Jesus has led you back here to this site, one of Millions on the internet. Just a coincidence? If you feel I have trespassed against you or your brother, forgive me, so the Lord can forgive you. Mt:6:15 "But if ye forgive not men their trespasses, neither will your Father forgive your trespasses". Most important, since no one can change what has happened and it serves no good to be blaming anyone, you both have a choice to make, you can continue in your attitude and get more and more hard and bitter, or you can realize that the devil meant these things for evil, but God meant it for good. You can both be enriched and bless others or it can all be a terrible loss. This choice is yours. Remember also that God can do all things.

Anonymous said...

We cannot control things that are said to us or to many events that occur, but we can control how we react. If we are honest with ourselves, we would rather blame anyone or anything else rather than accept personal responsiblity for our actions. "I wouldn't have done that if you had just done so and so"...etc,etc. Stop and think what you are doing based on the actions of others.

Anonymous said...

At dawn today our military began one of the heaviest air strikes in Iraq since 2003. The Israeli army provokes Palestinians yesterday.

They are stirring things up for a reason.

I feel extra saddened today about all the innocent lives that have been lost and all the injured and all the troops. I wish I could tune it all out like so many people I know are doing, but I am drawn to it like a moth to light. I don't know why that is because I swear I can actually feel my heart breaking. I just wish it would stop. How do we keep going on with our mundane lives everyday when this is going on like its normal and acceptable. It is truly getting harder and harder. Everyone please say some extra prayers for all those suffering the ravages of this pain and misery; for those directly affected and for those of us indirectly affected. Pray for some kind of peace from Jesus for all God's people everywhere.


nathandave said...

Welcome back Peter,

I suspect you are a great deal harder on yourself than God is. We all have regrets Peter, and we wish we could have done things differently, or more perfectly, but life is what it is and it is thorugh struggle and trial that we are granted the crown of victory. I know that your heart is right Peter, I can truly sense it. Sonshine farm did not make it because it was not meant to make it. And you have learned Peter, and have blessed me with your wisdom (even if we disagree on the MOther of God!) Take courage, and lets continue building our community here and now as we face whatever it is that God has ordained for us to face in this time of trial and struggle...together.

Anonymous said...

The maladies that have plagued mankind since God's first people ate from the tree of knowledge of good and evil are still rampant. Even with all the hope we've been given through the miracle of modern medicine disease still terminates mortal men and modern plagues such as AIDS continiue to claim lives. Are we reaping what we've sown or is this difficult world here to test the righteous? Probably both.

So whether your current illness is tribulation or chastisement only God and maybe you can know. I suspect that you are frustrated by the fact that your current "ministry" is confined to a blog on the web with a handful of followers. How sad. Why don't you come out from behind the facade, be a man and identify yourself. Are you worried that your folly of the past will follow you into a new venture? Just who are you anyway? Talk is cheap. what are you actually doing to make this a better world?

nathandave said...

"Why don't you come out from behind the facade, be a man and identify yourself"

Like you? Or perhaps you did not really mean to post anonymously and then pass judgment?

Peter Zarcone said...

Anonymous... First let me answer about the trouble that plagues mankind. We are living in a fallen creation. All that we are seeing now will soon be gone. History will be but a flash. My current illness is part of this fallen creation. It has nothing to do with either my righteousness or unrighteousness, The scripture teaches us that he causes it to rain on the just and unjust. We are all subject to these things, but it is how we react to them that makes the difference. The possibilities you offer reveal your own spiritual condition. If we all got what we deserve, we would all go to hell. Thankfully God does not give according to what we deserve, but Phil:4:19:"according to His riches and glory in Christ Jesus" You failed to see another possibility. That is for God to be Glorified and to increase my faith. The devil meant these things for evil but God meant it for good. The resurrection came as a result of the death on the cross.
As far as me being frustrated by being confined to this blog, I am sorry to disappoint you. One, I am not confined to anything and two I am not seeking followers. I do believe I have been given much for which much is required of me, that is why I freely give what God has given me. Who reads it and how far and wide it is spread is up to the Lord. I am only responsible to obey His word and teach the truth, God will give the increase.
I have nothing in my past I am fearful of and need to hide. The only one I need to fear knows all anyway, and He has forgiven me. The only reason that my name is not displayed is because of the political views expressed on this blog, and if I can avoid being carried off to the camps now being prepared, I would like to. My email address is in my profile, and anyone wishing to communicate with me can. It wouldn't take a great deal of work to figure out who I am in the first place. My life is now and has been for most of my adult life, an open book.
As far as what I am doing to change the world; it is not my place to explain, nor do I need to be justified to you or anyone else. To my own Master I will stand or fall. Let me also assure you that the words that are written on this blog, did not come "Cheap" if they did, you might have been able to have written them. My life has been bought with a very high price, the Blood of Jesus Christ, and that is free, but not cheap.

Anonymous said...

I am so glad to know you PeterZ, even if it is only through this blog. He has renewed a right spirit within you and it just shines. I am glad to relate to someone who you can tell knows Jesus as well as you do.

The camps are already being built, aren't they? By Halliburton. I heard the other day that at the 2006 midterm election our Congress turns Democratic and that the first article of impeachment against Bush has been started(the same as against Nixon and Clinton), and that Congress will progress from then. When is that, the midterm election - is it October? For a moment, just a brief one, I thought maybe we could get our nation back along with our futures, but it won't happen....and that's okay now because Jesus is the only real hope we have anyway.

Just a fleeting thought and it was a relief for a moment, but I don't ever see them giving up power now, we will be placed under martial law first.

PeterZ, do you think the tribulation period has begun yet? It seems like it to me.

I wanted to go to Chicago today and join the anti-war march so bad, but responsibilities and a lack of bravery (don't want to be put in a camp any sooner than need be) kept me at home. Sigh - what a world. What a huge difference this evil group has had on our world in such a relatively short period of time. Don't imagine it would take them to much longer to totally destroy it at this rate. Sigh - what a world. Come, our Lord Jesus, come.


Anonymous said...

Should we even concern ourselves with the tribulation period? It is all in God's time anyway, isn't it?


1godsgirl said...

What camps are you talking aobut?

Anonymous said...

Has anyone else noticed how much more evil condi rice's eyes look? Seriously, I just seen footage of her from 5 years ago and she looked more normal then. When I seen her on tv the other day she sent chills down my back the way are eyes are so sunk back in her head like they are ready to roll back in her head any second. No kidding. Creepy.

PeterZ, hope you're resting and taking good care of yourself.

Anonymous said...

There are camps being built in the U.S. right now. I heard some of them had been used for Katrina victims, but I don't know if that is true. I heard on a satellite alternative news program a few weeks ago that Halliburton had been contracted to build them and the newest one was in Southern California.

Did you hear that last Friday about 300,000 immigrants marched in the streets of Chicago to protest some new law that Congress is trying to pass making it criminal (thus incarceration time) to be in the U.S. illegally. I believe the majority are of hispanic origin that are protesting. Odd, when you think back to a few years ago when dubya wanted to give the illegal immigrants drivers' licenses so they could open bank accounts and register to vote. Now he wants to lock them up? Hmmm, where would they all go? Strange times, stranger world. Just search for american concentration camps. Like my buddy says, "Just because somebody writes something doesn't make it true." That's true enough. But, just the same, there's alot of information out there. Let me know what you find.

Trust in God only, always and forever, Susanne

Anonymous said...

Also, in regard to the camps - remember a year or two back when people were upset because bush was closing so many military bases around the states? Some claim that they were closing them to turn them into camps. Don't know for sure because I don't live around one, but I wouldn't put anything past this administration.

BLKNIGHT18 said...

Finally, some religious people are starting to put the pieces together. Look at this story:

Unitarian minister gets mixed reviews for sermon accusing Bush administration of terrorism.

From the pulpit, this minister said the Bush administration was behind 9/11, to establish New World Order goals.

Anonymous said...

Ditto to Nathandave concerning the comment anonymous made about "being a man".

Anonymous said...

This is really Important I reccomend you read the links whenever you
have time...and forward this to anyone else...there is a rumor of Cheney
resigning...and obviously the port dealings...which will be a major
threat to the USA Check out the pdf format from the prisonplanet website
there is a link that has the "Pentagon Civilian Inmate Labor Progam"
please read it very carefully...

1godsgirl said...

Are you being a bit paranoid Susanne? Do you think that maybe Ms. Rice's eyes look "sunk back" because she is a human being and is under tremendous pressure.

I look through this post and many of those posted throughout this blog and there is a HUGE paranoia.

I notice also that just a handful of people post here- the same ones over and over again. While I was excited about the vision of the farm, I am NOT excited- in fact it makes me want to run in the opposite direction- over the paranoia and conspiracy theory that runs through this blog.

I am braced for the onslaught of replies I will get from this post- I caution you all to back up a bit and rethink your positions. You pose yourselves as being crazy cultists.........

Interesting that this blog is called "benotdeceived" yet in my opinion, there are a lot of deceived people here. Thank God we live in America where we have free speech.

BLKNIGHT18 said...

My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee, that thou shalt be no priest to me: seeing thou hast forgotten the law of thy God, I will also forget thy children.
(Hos 4:6)

1godsgirl, I'm sorry that the truth is vexing, but it is the truth, and that is what people here are trying to stand for.

The events of the last days are playing out right now. We are in the time of the Book of Daniel right now. Pray about this. It is a very troubling truth at first, but look to God for protection and the fear will go away.

Peter Zarcone said...

Godsgirl, thank you for pronouncing judgment on the people here. It might be well for you to be better informed first.
This is what I was talking about with the camps >
more on line if you look. Don't confuse our paranoia with your denial. God bless you in your search.

BLKNIGHT18 said...

A student member of Scholars for 9/11 Truth was murdered:

Anonymous said...

Hope treatments are going as well as they can and you're feeling well.

When they being to lock up the illegal immigrants, will we stand up and protest, or remain quiet because we are not illegal immigrants? Who will be left to stand up for us? How can anyone not be paranoid in these times? The government spying on us and all the lies and corruption. Do things appear normal to some people?

Charlie Sheen is starting to shake things up a bit. I wonder what is going on with Sibel Edmonds. The translator from 911 that was seeking permission to speak on what she heard and witnessed on that day. It is truly sad and tragic about that 25 year old 911 truth scholar. It will never end until Jesus comes back.

1godsgirl - I have no bad feelings towards you and I see your point about Condi Rice being under pressure. Pressure like when New Orleans is flooding and being washed away out into the ocean so she has to go shopping for shoes-pressure. Yeah, right. Give me a break. She looks more evil because she is more evil; probably more everyday. Just watch and see.

As far as the comment about being like a cult. Nothing could be farther from the truth in my view. Although, I do believe that God will bring His people together. Which seems to be a rather small flock I might add. I wish you all the best.

Stay strong everyone. The rough ride is just beginning. I am reading Kevin Phillips book "American Theocracy" and it is amazing. Our worst fears and paranoia written by someone on the inside. More proof of what we already knew. Why are people so blind? I am starting to think it is because they want to be. I have my eyes wide open and I am not afraid of what I see. It only substantiates our insight. I thank God for that insight. I thank God for everything, and that includes this blogsite with "likeminds." That is not a cult.

Blessings to all,

Anonymous said...

P.S. Heard on MSM news yesterday, that millions of dollars have been misappropriated (missing) from Katrina funds. People are still homeless. There's very little rebuilding and it's still unsafe. Where's the money. This happened in Iraq also. Where's the outrage. Free speech? People are scared to speak out, or like myself, just don't want to draw any attention. Just our reality.

PeterZ, have you had a chance to think about my question about the tribulation time period -where we might be and if it really matters to know? Thanks, Susanne

Ron said...

Pretty power stuff. I was lead here by a post on dKos. Are you a regular? If not, I think your message would be well-received. I could see you doing a diary series on the subject of Bush as the anit-Christ.

I've thought and said for a few years now that I felt Bush was the anti-Christ. If not "the" anti-Christ at least acting anti-Christ enough for people to be wary.

I watched 9/11 and the following years from Europe and Australia and was furious at the way Bush was acting and at Americans following him.

Fortunately, more and more people are seeing Bush for who he is but unfortunately the people with any power have chosen to remain in hiding.

BLKNIGHT18 said...

ron, I put up a post on dkos laying out where 9-11 was in the Word.

There was a poll up, about 20% believed it, 40% said there was no god, and about 40% said my tinfoil hat was turned up to high.

Peter Zarcone said...

Susanne... You are a blessing, Your spiritual growth is evident. Thank you. As far as the time frame for the "Tribulation" it is difficult to say. I do believe it has already begun. How long it will last is debatable. Some say 7 years and some say 3 1/2 years and that is debatable as well. The bible says it will be shortened. It may be difficult but it will be short, and what is on the other side is beyond our dreams. 1Cor:2:9: "But as it is written, Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love him." To the wicked it will make them harder and more wicked, but to the righteous, those that live by faith, it will be as a refiners fire.
Mal:4:1: "For, behold, the day cometh, that shall burn as an oven; and all the proud, yea, and all that do wickedly, shall be stubble: and the day that cometh shall burn them up, saith the LORD of hosts, that it shall leave them neither root nor branch.2: But unto you that fear my name shall the Sun of righteousness arise with healing in his wings; and ye shall go forth, and grow up as calves of the stall.3: And ye shall tread down the wicked; for they shall be ashes under the soles of your feet in the day that I shall do this, saith the LORD of hosts."
Ron... Thank you for visiting this site, I am not familiar with D KOS, do you remember what you saw there that led you here? I would encourage you to learn all you can. These are great and fearful days.

Anonymous said...

Many thanks. Again. The inspiration, strength and comfort is so appreciated. I can't imagine what there is in store for us, but truly, I believe with all my heart, the only matter of relevance is Jesus' return. I can picture Heaven - His love and nearness, streets paved in gold, paradise, harmony, peace. So, what is happening in our world does not matter much compared to what He has prepared for us. When you truly believe this, the weight of this world is gone. It might be easier to say right now because I am comfortable, but come what may, the Great "I AM," says,"I am always with you." What a treasure. We have nothing to fear.

Read an article from R. Stephen's site about a Rabbi who says the Torah explains exactly that Bush is Gog, the leader of Magog, from Ezekial. Intersting.

Anonymous said...

Seen a sign outside a church the other day, it read "It wasn't raining when Noah was building the ark." So true. Susanne

Anonymous said...

Hi to everyone,

Israel has a new prime minister - a woman who says she was the mastermind and the architect behind the land for peace deals of the last four months - not Sharon. Any biblical references for this?

Since I think of you as a pastor, minister or shepherd, can I ask your advice? I have mentioned that I quit attending my church about a year ago because the pastor had many, many policical signs in his parsonage yard at election time. They were for Bush. I got past it for a while but I feel strongly that if he/the church supports this administration, then I don't want to support that church. My husband says it is his right as an american but I disagree. The pastor is now calling and wanting to know if there is a problem and if there is anything he can do. I almost told him of my position but then changed my mind and told him we just got out of the habit. I cannot go back there and I do not want to go back there. Just for that reason. The pressure is on and I'm not sure how to handle it. I want to just go to another church, but hubby says he wants to attend his "community" church and not somebody else's community church. I see his point, but he is not in the same place I am. He doesn't think Bush is the antichrist nor is he as watchful as I am. He wants everything to be normal and keep pretending things are normal. Any advice is welcome. Thanks in advance.

Peter Zarcone said...

Susanne, Thank you for you trust. First let me say I understand your predicament. There are several problems with this whole discussion. Let me try to take them a step at a time. First, yes it is true that the "pastor" (hired help) is entitled to his political position., but it does expose his spiritual condition, and the degree of his deception to be supporting Bush. Second, You are the "Church" The church is the people, the true body of believers, not some building. God has His people in and among lots of groups and denominations. The purpose for coming together is for fellowship with the believers your brothers and sisters in Christ, instruction, and joint worship. As that happens a community of believers should developed to help each other. This is not the case with most of the denominational system. "Wherever two or three are gathered together in my name there am I in the midst." Third, Why does he miss you? It sure took him a while if he was so concerned. What ever you do, do not allow him to cause you to lie about why you have not been there. You can not deny the truth. I would simply say that you think he has missed the truth concerning the real nature of Christ in his support of Bush. Then if you are still welcome to attend, you have nothing to fear. If your husband wants you to go, you will shine as a light. You can do nothing against the truth. 1Cor:7:16: "For what knowest thou, O wife, whether thou shalt save thy husband? or how knowest thou, O man, whether thou shalt save thy wife?" In your well doing you will win your husband to seeing the truth. 1Pt:2:15: "For so is the will of God, that with well doing ye may put to silence the ignorance of foolish men:" God can and will use you in that congregation. who cares what the pastor thinks. You don't need to "support" that group to attend. "Tithing" is NOT!!!!! a new testament principal. Giving as God leads yes, Tithing NO NO NO NO!!!! Never mentioned in the new testament as something we are to do. That is partly how that establishment got such power, while the people struggle. If in your going you reach one person, and it pleases your husband, then you are doing Gods work. But do not be compromised as to what you know to be the truth. You may be persecuted some but that is to be expected Jn:15:20: "Remember the word that I said unto you, The servant is not greater than his lord. If they have persecuted me, they will also persecute you; if they have kept my saying, they will keep yours also".1Cor:2:14: "But the natural man receiveth not the things of the Spirit of God: for they are foolishness unto him: neither can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned." 1Pt:5:10: But the God of all grace, who hath called us unto his eternal glory by Christ Jesus, after that ye have suffered a while, make you perfect, stablish, strengthen, settle you. Finally. It is not important weather your husband see that Bush is the Antichrist, but it is important that you help him understand the nature of evil and it's lying wonders, they say and do not. Help him to understand the suffering that these Neo-Cons have brought to the earth, and the corruption. Try to help create in him by your LOVE a "hunger and a thrust" for righteousness, the rest will fall into place. Love him.

Anonymous said...

You are amazing. I am not just saying that; you speak from your heart and what you say is what is in my heart and that connection is just incredible to me. To have someone to talk to that sees things the same is rare for me and I thank God for leading me here.

I will let you know what happens. I know I will be somewhat blacklisted and I'm not really afraid of that (I will stand up for my Lord anywhere, anytime), but this is a challenge for me to somewhat confront a pastor. I don't think I will be welcomed. I don't think I can attend again without telling him why I have been absent. And, it sure did take him a long time to call. Why now? Neighbors who go to the same church (HUGE Bush fans), invited me to another Bible study at their house, I had went to a previous one, and I have declined this invitation and they are just not taking no for an answer. I suspect they had something to do with it. Persistent creatures. I wonder if they would like to know what I think! They had a fund raiser before the election and were to have Laura Bush on a speaker phone and they were just flabberghasted that I did not want to go. They must think everyone supports Bush. A very narrow-minded bunch.

PeterZ, from my heart, thank you.

I wish you all the best and a speedy recovery.


BLKNIGHT18 said...

Great advice, PeterZ.

Now is not the time to back down from standing up for the truth. We all see here that the falling away of the church is at a great level. If we do not stand for truth, who will? There are too many people boastfully standing up for lies.

(2Th 2:9-11)
Even him, whose coming is after the working of Satan with all power and signs and lying wonders, And with all deceivableness of unrighteousness in them that perish; because they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved. And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie

Anonymous said...

You are right - they are boastfully standing up for lies. I will boastfully stand up for the truth. Thanks PeterZ and Mike - you have given me strength and encouragement. I may call the pastor today. I may never attend his church again. I think I have had it with mainstream religion and phony Christians. I don't ever mean to question anybody's spirituality but sometimes you can just tell when someone's faking it and I'm gathering there's quite a few of them.

Hope it's a good day for everyone - Susanne

BLKNIGHT18 said...

Is the ball rolling finally toward the truth of 9/11 being exposed?

Anonymous said...

I just read about Hawaii having 40 days of excessive rains - for the first time. Never heard about it on regular news for 40 days; surprise, surprise. That seems odd. Had anyone else heard anything about it in the last 40 days? Also, Iran had a dozen earthquakes of at least 6.1 on the richter scale. Times are a changing.


Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, just as a sidenote, the article that I read described it as "rains of biblical proportion" and it was in a non-religious publication.

Take care and stay strong,

Anonymous said...

Two points of interest to watch right now: US, Britain and his own party are beginning to force out Jafarri, the elected leader. He had critisized the occupation a week or two ago; and Paul Wolfowitz is being pressured by Germany, Denmark and other countries to set up a world bank in Iraq as soon as possible. He is known as the war's architect and was the man in charged when millions of dollars disappeared under his watch in Iraq. I think he was one of the guys who received a medal of honor for something from the stooge in the whitehouse (sickening).

Could get interesting quick.

LA Times is posting pictures of the 17,000 wounded soldiers. I knew the figure was high, but I did not know there are that many. My heart aches. My soul yearns for Jesus and righteousness. We have to keep our eyes on His promise, always.

Peter, I hope you are resting. (If you ever get tired of me sounding like a mother hen - let me know....), but take good care of yourself.

I think I am going to write a letter to that Pastor. OR, I am just going to attend with my family because this is what my husband wants and if it helps him, and like you said, if I can maybe reach one more, then it's work for our Lord. Still praying and thinking. I really don't want to go back. I'll keep you posted.
I'm glad you're there.

God's peace be with us,

Young Brother said...

Interesting point, the newest book in the Left Behind series ("the Rapture")is slated to hit bookshelves on 06/06/06

Anonymous said...

young brother, do you suppose the average joe will see any irony in that? This conspiracy thing, this evil-among-us thing,this whatever you call it, is so huge that it can almost scare you if you let it. Jesus is way bigger; have no fear.

My daughter and I (she mentioned it first) have decided we want to hide away somewhere on that day

I have seen there are two movies coming out about 9/11; seems rather soon given the long time frames of other national tragedies to be turned into movies. It's all for a reason. For this huge demon the world is starring right in the eyes.

What do you suppose is really up with the immigration turmoil? There's a reason for that also.

Just watchin' and waitin' (for Jesus).

Anonymous said...

The sad part is, I have a birthday on 06/06/06. Odd, eh?

Young Brother said...

I have a new post on my blog concerning what I see as our duty as Christian soldiers in these last days, and the only foundation that we can build upon.

Anonymous said...

The demon has struck again with no's official that he was the one who gave permission to out the highly covert CIA agent Valarie Plame. Even daddy bush said that this was the highest form of treason. He must be proud of his evil spawn.

I read that they are hoping for a bump in ratings if they attack Iran. How backwards can they get? How did we get so bad so fast? I really know the answer to that, but nonetheless, I am still saddened and shocked. And yet, I know the worst is yet to come. But then, the best is yet to come -Our savior, our King, our Redeemer.

Anonymous said...

What exactly is the falling away from the church that the Bible talks about? I am convinced this must be what I am going through. I had decided to attend a different church for Palm Sunday and felt very good about it; (not having to go back to the facist pastor's church who posted political signs all over the parsonage yard) and was even looking forward to it. I have been thinking and praying about it and maybe I have received an answer and I am just trying to understand it. I see so much wrong with mainstream religion. We celebrate "Easter" as Jesus' death and resurrection, but yet the time was slated by the Roman Emperor Constatine by the phase of the moon. The phase of the moon? I have always known this, but I celebrated and attended because this is what Christians do to worship our Lord. Now, it all feels like a lie. What is really true? It seems like the only thing I am sure of is my personal relationship with Him. I read the Bible, I talk to Him, I seek guidance from Him, I try to bring Him glory in some small way each and every day, I treat others the way I want to be treated and try to do the best I can. I miss church and the worship hymns, but my heart is just not there anymore. I agree with you completely about the tithing (Old Testament) and that is what the churches desire and make you feel like less of a christian if you don't. When my husband was sick the pastor called and said he would try to get by to see him - never did. I know it is because we were not big contributors other wise he would have been here for sure. Is this the falling away? I'm struggling and have asked for guidance and as I said, I think I have received an answer, but my discernment is still sometimes cloudy. I think Jesus is telling me it is acceptable not to attend church, but maybe this is just my own justification. Any ideas?

I know you are one of my many blessings....

Hope you are well today.

Peter Zarcone said...

Susanne,... The name Easter, comes from the pagan fertility god Ishtar, and the rights of Spring. The timing of the holiday is correct in that in correlates with the Jewish feast of Passover. It is a true Christian feast, but should be called the Feast of the Resurrection.

The "Falling away " you refer to comes from the passage in Second Thessalonians. 2Thes:2:3: "Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition;" Many people interpret this in different ways. I believe it speaks to the whole history of the church since the early church. It led to the "Dark Ages" The early church walked in supernatural power and faith. (see the book of Acts) Then over time man began to try to institutionalize it, and it sapped Gods power from the church. Then as a result of a hierarchy in control of the "Word" the people fell away from the truth. I believe that the truth has been progressively being restored to the church since the Renaissance. The printing press was invented for the purpose of printing the Bible to get the truth back into the hands of the people. Most of organized religion seems to latch onto a truth that God has restored and builds an institution around it and Gods spirit moves on. So it is not that many have fallen away, they were never in the light in the first place, or were left behind, and bound by the Great Whore, the religions of men and his antichrist system.
A new post coming soon

Anonymous said...

Many thanks again, PeterZ.

Anonymous said...

The Pagan Origin Of Easter


Easter is a day that is honored by nearly all of contemporary Christianity and is used to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ.
The holiday often involves a church service at sunrise, a feast which includes an "Easter Ham", decorated eggs and stories about rabbits.

Those who love truth learn to ask questions, and many questions must be asked regarding the holiday of Easter.

Is it truly the day when Jesus arose from the dead? Where did all of the strange customs come from, which have nothing to do with the resurrection of our Saviour?

The first thing we must understand is that professing Christians were not the only ones who celebrated a festival called "Easter."

"Ishtar", which is pronounced "Easter" was a day that commemorated the resurrection of one of their gods that they called "Tammuz", who was believed to be the only begotten son of the moon-goddess and the sun-god.

In those ancient times, there was a man named Nimrod, who was the grandson of one of Noah's son named Ham.

Ham had a son named Cush who married a woman named Semiramis.Cush and Semiramis then had a son named him "Nimrod."

After the death of his father, Nimrod married his own mother and became a powerful King.

The Bible tells of of this man, Nimrod, in Genesis 10:8-10 as follows: "And Cush begat Nimrod: he began to be a mighty one in the earth. He was a mighty hunter before the Lord: wherefore it is said, even as Nimrod the mighty hunter before the Lord. And the beginning of his kingdom was Babel, and Erech, and Accad,and Calneh, in the land of Shinar."

Nimrod became a god-man to the people and Semiramis, his wife and mother, became the powerful Queen of ancient Babylon.

Nimrod was eventually killed by an enemy, and his body was cut in pieces and sent to various parts of his kingdom.

Semiramis had all of the parts gathered, except for one part that could not be found.

That missing part was his reproductive organ. Semiramis claimed that Nimrod could not come back to life without it and told the people of Babylon that Nimrod had ascended to the sun and was now to be called "Baal", the sun god.

Queen Semiramis also proclaimed that Baal would be present on earth in the form of a flame, whether candle or lamp, when used in worship.

Semiramis was creating a mystery religion, and with the help of Satan, she set herself up as a goddess.

Semiramis claimed that she was immaculately conceived.

She taught that the moon was a goddess that went through a 28 day cycle and ovulated when full.

She further claimed that she came down from the moon in a giant moon egg that fell into the Euphrates River.

This was to have happened at the time of the first full moon after the spring equinox.

Semiramis became known as "Ishtar" which is pronounced "Easter", and her moon egg became known as "Ishtar's" egg."

Ishtar soon became pregnant and claimed that it was the rays of the sun-god Baal that caused her to conceive.

The son that she brought forth was named Tammuz.

Tammuz was noted to be especially fond of rabbits, and they became sacred in the ancient religion, because Tammuz was believed to be the son of the sun-god, Baal. Tammuz, like his supposed father, became a hunter.

The day came when Tammuz was killed by a wild pig.

Queen Ishtar told the people that Tammuz was now ascended to his father, Baal, and that the two of them would be with the worshippers in the sacred candle or lamp flame as Father, Son and Spirit.

Ishtar, who was now worshipped as the "Mother of God and Queen of Heaven", continued to build her mystery religion.

The queen told the worshippers that when Tammuz was killed by the wild pig, some of his blood fell on the stump of an evergreen tree, and the stump grew into a full new tree overnight. This made the evergreen tree sacred by the blood of Tammuz.

She also proclaimed a forty day period of time of sorrow each year prior to the anniversary of the death of Tammuz.

During this time, no meat was to be eaten.

Worshippers were to meditate upon the sacred mysteries of Baal and Tammuz, and to make the sign of the "T" in front of their hearts as they worshipped.

They also ate sacred cakes with the marking of a "T" or cross on the top.

Every year, on the first Sunday after the first full moon after the spring equinox, a celebration was made.

It was Ishtar's Sunday and was celebrated with rabbits and eggs.

Ishtar also proclaimed that because Tammuz was killed by a pig, that a pig must be eaten on that Sunday.

By now, the readers of this tract should have made the connection that paganism has infiltrated the contemporary "Christian" churches, and further study indicates that this paganism came in by way of the Roman Catholic System.

The truth is that Easter has nothing whatsoever to do with the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ.

We also know that Easter can be as much as three weeks away from the Passover, because the pagan holiday is always set as the first Sunday after the first full moon after the spring equinox.

Some have wondered why the word "Easter" is in the the King James Bible.

It is because Acts, chapter 12, tells us that it was the evil King Herod, who was planning to celebrate Easter, and not the Christians.

The true Passover and pagan Easter sometimes coincide, but in some years, they are a great distance apart.

We know that the Bible tells us in John 4:24, "God is a spirit: and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth."

The truth is that the forty days of Lent, eggs, rabbits,hot cross buns and the Easter ham have everything to do with the ancient pagan religion of Mystery Babylon.These are all antichrist activities!

Satan is a master deceiver, and has filled the lives of well-meaning, professing Christians with idolatry.

These customs of Easter honor Baal, who is also Satan, and is still worshipped as the "Rising Sun" and his house is the "House of the Rising Sun."

How many churches have "sunrise services" on Ishtar's day and face the rising sun in the East?

How many will use colored eggs and rabbit stories, as they did in ancient Babylon.

Anonymous said...

I knew there was something greatly wrong with this whole picture. Why do people not seek out the truth? Why have we become so wicked with good intentions? Where can I worship my Lord, with truth and sincerity, besides my heart?


Anonymous said...

Please post more. Who are you? I want to share your knowledge. Please.

Anonymous said...

This might help get you started but you have to do the work yourself no one else can do it for you.

Anonymous said...

Sorry this is the correct link.

Peter Zarcone said...

There are several true Christian symbols displayed in some of these traditions. What is most important is what is in our heart. The Sun Rise service is also because Jesus rose at sun rise, and the Sun is a type of Jesus in that it rises. We do not worship the sun as it is only part of the creation, but it may speak to us of the Risen Son of God. Although I agree with most of what has been posted above, I don't think we should go around accusing those that don't know the truth of the pagan origins of being idol worshipers. That will just turn them off and drive them away. This is difficult for some to except that most all of our systems of man are of pagan origin. As you lift up Christ, He will expose the darkness and create a hunger for more truth.

Anonymous said...


I was a member of Sonshine Farm both during and after your time there. I'd like for you to know that not everyone hated you for what happened. Several prayed, and continue to pray for you. I hope that what I'm seeing is a true example of God's working in your life. May God continue to bless you and lead you. Don't let arrogance and pride rob you again of his Spirit!

Anonymous said...

I was and am a part of what was once the sonshine farm. Your name is hardly ever brought up or part of any conversation in my circle of friends. We do not walk around 'victimized' 'injured' or 'paralyzed' by your failures or our own. We have discovered that the best way to deal with sin is with personal responsibility, reconciliation and restitution. I believe the Bible would call this repentance. It would be great if we always walked in the above but it would be wrong to say that we always do. As much as possible we endeavor to walk in peace with all men as much as it is possible and walk in humilty. We no longer 'pull away' from society but extend our 'community' to those who need the love of Jesus and friendship. We no longer point fingers at the failing 'denominational churches' around us. Our own failures have resulted in humility, the fear of God and respect for what others are doing in His Kingdom that may be different than us. We've grown older, some are now grandparents, but we keep asking God to keep our hearts young, clear, passionate and creative. We would encourage any and all that are still negatively effected by the past events at sonshine farm to stop blaming anyone, take responsibility for your own attitudes and actions that are not pleasing to the Lord and repent, stop living in the past and surround yourself with friends who want to pursue Jesus and extend His Kingdom. Stop licking your wounds, living in the past, blaming others, regretting, and crying over what was lost. Your are loved, called and have a place in His design and destiny. Take your place again. Taking risk and being disappointed will be part of the cost but it's worth it. (Ephesians 3:20,21)

Anonymous said...

I became aware of this site a couple of days ago and have given some time to read through the articles and responses because of my heart for Jesus and His people in this region. I've already responded a couple of times and was pleased that my perspective was added to the discussion. Thank you.
I humbly offer my perspective, believing it to be from God's Spirit but only the test of time will prove or disprove it. My experience has been that my passion and intensity is no match for the purifying fire of God.
I sense some fear, frustration, anger, confussion, and suspicion throughout the articles and responses. My heart goes out to you and longs for all of you to instead be recipients of God's power, love and a sound mine. (see I Timothy 1:7)
I believe that the above emotions and attitudes have the rule of the day and it takes away from what may be a sprinkling of revelation and understanding of the Lord!
No doubt we live in wicked and difficult times but I question the 'negative resign' 'suspicion' and 'blame game' as the right response.
I would recommend a good and healthy dose of God's Word to the times we live in. Consider the advise of Psalm 37. A Psalm written to direct God's people toward patient resolve and hope during pressure filled days.
Just a few verses to get you started.
"Trust in the Lord, and do good; dwell in the land and feed on His faithfulness. Delight yourself also in the Lord, and He shall give you the desires of your heart. Commit your way to the Lord, Trust also in Him, and He shall bring it to pass. He shall bring forth your righteousness as the light, and your justice as the noonday. Rest in the Lrod, and wait patiently for Him; Do not fret because of him who prospers in his way, because fo the man who brings wicked schemes to pass. Cease from anger, and forsake wrath; do not fret- it only causes harm. For evildoers shall be cut off; but those who wait on the Lord; they shall inherit the earth..." (vss. 5-9)and on and on goes the reasons to trust, wait, rest and rely on God's sovereign grace and justice. I only force myself to stop because of space restraints.
"But the salvation of the righteous is from the Lord; He is their strength in times of trouble. And the Lord shall help them and deliver them; He shall deliver them from the wicked, and save them, because they trust in Him."

Peter Zarcone said...

Anonymous.. If you perceived us to have been looking down on anyone or the denominational system, you missed the point. No one ever said we were better than anyone. We did claim to have a greater revelation and vision, at S.F.most of which has been lost at this point and River of Life has been blended into the "System" If you have read much of the teaching on here, you would have an understanding of what we are talking about. We are not pessimistic, but have no faith in the systems of men. Do you even understand why God started the Farm? To say that it is pride if we claimed to have a greater vision is the same deception that we find with the world when they are angered by the idea that Jesus is the only true path to eternal Life. I am delighted that you and your friends don't see me as having any significance to your life. That is yours to deal with. I never expected anyone to be afraid of me, that was ridiculous.Perhaps what was feared was the "Mantel", or anointing. I had done the best I could to feed the flock of God which He had given me oversight, and I fed many a banquet of truth. Those that came in after poisoned the hearts of many and stomped on the truths that had been taught, and as a result, their were many casualties. My offence was my own personal failure and I was never dishonest. When I fell I was kicked and stomped upon, not loved and helped. I know whom I have believed and what I have been called to do. The Lord has brought me through much over the years. Be careful of your attitude and be sure you are judging according to His word. If you see something being taught here that is not according to His word, you are welcome to express your opinion. I will not allow character attacks on me. I don't claim to be anything but an imperfect vessel, but I endeavor to be faithful to what He has called me to do. I have a love and concern for this lost and dying world. I am saddened by the blindness of the people in this country and yes in the denominational system.
Please put your comments on the most recent post if you want them to be read.
Thank you for coming here, God bless.

Anonymous said...

Almighty God rescued the Righteous (Noah,and his family! Lot,and his family) prior to his Judgment(Wrath)on those Left Behind! Just as us Saved Born Again(New Creatures)Rapture before the Tribulation(Wrath)

One taken(Rapture)the other(Left Behind in Tribulation)

Malachi 3:6

For I am the LORD, I change not; therefore ye sons of Jacob are not consumed.

Hebrews 13:8

Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and to day, and for ever

Isaiah 26:20-21


Come,my people,enter thou into thy chambers,and shut thy doors about thee hide thyself as it were for a little moment


unti the indignation be overpast

For,behold,the LORD cometh out of His place to punish the inhabitants of the earth for their iniquity,the earth also shall disclose her blood,and shall no more cover her slain.

The Chosen(Righteous)Born Again(New Creatures)Will be rescued (Raptured) to Heaven(New Jerusalem) with our Wonderful King Jesus Christ in the Miraculous Rapture.

Dont Be Left Behind.

Anonymous said...

I was speaking to a friend who is into Eastern religion mysticism and believes in reincarnation and things of that nature. I love him very much and he has let me into his past, how he did every drug imagineable, but has gotten out of that, which is indeed a miracle.

We were talking about drugs and how they distort reality, they are not what God intended for our life. My friend says, "I can't explain it, but I could like talk to God on this stuff, can you imagine that?" I reply, "I talk to God everyday and listen for His reply in my real life."

By reading some people's comments about Eastern religions, etc. I just got moved to post that conversation, it moved me, I hope it moves someone else.